Top Four Termination Mistakes

Top Four Termination Mistakes

by Nicollette Fillippone – Flores Senior Human Resources Manager, PHR

Terminating an employee is never easy and the termination process can often be your company’s greatest exposure to a claim. Here are some helpful items to keep in mind and avoid:

1. Acting Inconsistently with Discipline

  • Apply policies clearly and consistently.
  • Be fair and respectful to all employees.

2. Engaging in Retaliation

  • Consider whether the employee recently engaged in protected activity.
  • Determine whether termination may appear to be illegal retaliation.

3. Failing to Consider and Provide a Reasonable Accommodation

  • Listen to the employee’s story.
  • Engage in the interactive process if necessary.

4. Lacking Documentation to Support Termination

  • Document all performance and discipline issues with all employees.

Over 41,000 retaliation claims were filed with the EEOC last year. Protect your company from a retaliation/wrongful termination claim by implementing these steps before every termination:

  • Training: Provide all employees authorized to make a termination decision with training regarding the termination process. They will need to know what forms are to be provided and final check rules.
  • Red Flags: Review each potential termination for “red flags” (i.e. areas of concern that could expose the company to a lawsuit). When red flags exist, seek guidance from an HR Professional or qualified employment attorney on how to proceed.
  • Seek Guidance: If there’s a question about terminating an employee, reach out to your Flores Financial representative for guidance.


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