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For over 30 years, we’ve partnered with businesses of all sizes to provide full-service HR and accounting services and consulting solutions that streamline current processes, increase productivity, and add value to the bottom line.

General Industry San Diego Accounting Services
General Industry San Diego Accounting Services
General Industry San Diego Accounting Services

Our Services

Customized reporting, tools, and technology to fit retail operations.

Dedicated accounting, HR, and payroll resources and experts to grow with our clients’ growing businesses.

ERP system that provides insights into your retail operations so you can make strategic decisions.

HRIS system that allows you to track compliance and reporting on your personnel.

A dedicated team of professionals who work closely with you to align our job duties with your company’s specific vision and goals.

In-house payroll processing by a dedicated team of professionals.

Strategic consulting solutions and recommendations for new and improved processes, controls, and procedures for accounting, payroll, and HR operations.

Our Clients


We work with a range of industries and would love to partner with you.

General Industry San Diego Accounting Services

“Flores Financial has been with Sprouts Farmers Markets, LLC since its inception through today (currently $750 million in annual sales) and with our predecessor companies for over a decade prior to that. Greg Flores and his staff are extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of our dynamic business from the usual bookkeeping and GAAP accounting issues to the myriad of governmental compliance issues to special audits and everything in between. The Flores team are the consummate professionals, always doing the never-ending special projects, which are basically the norm in the accounting and finance world today. This is why Flores Financial performs the outsourced accounting for some of the most successful and high-profile companies in Southern California. Most importantly, however, the folks at Flores Financial have a great attitude in a world that can often be dry and tedious. I would recommend Greg without one ounce of hesitation to anyone.”

— Brad Denton
SVP & CFO, Sprouts Farmers Market

General Industry San Diego Accounting Services

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