Outsourcing Human Resources (HR) Functions

Outsourcing Human Resources (HR) Functions San Diego Accounting Services

Benefits of Outsourced HR

Our outsourced human resources (HR) services are tailored to optimize your business’s profitability, ensure compliance, and mitigate legal risks while offering employee programs that benefit you and your valued employees. Through our consistent, efficient, and comprehensive approach, we specialize in streamlining your operations and creating clarity within your organization.

  • Onboarding and startup, including onsite orientation,101 training and manager HR
  • Payroll processing
  • New hires
  • Employee records
  • Year-end compliance reporting
  • Direct deposit administration
  • 401(k) processing
  • Set up, review, and maintain employee personnel files
  • General HR assistance
  • Employee selection, orientation, and training
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Leaves of absence
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Terminations and disciplinary action
  • Policies and procedures
  • Benefits administration
  • Open Enrollment
  • Employment search
  • Specialized training (e.g., anti-harassment training)
  • Loss prevention

Employee Management

  • Setup & paperless file management
  • On-site new hire orientation
  • General HR & compliance

Benefit Administration

  • ACA compliance
  • 401K administration

Employee Records

  • Paperless employee records storage
  • All employee payroll records are kept in FFS payroll/HRIS software
  • Employee self-service for payroll/HR records
  • Employee electronic delivery option for pay records

Workers' Comp Claim Administration

  • Administer workers’ compensation claims
  • Handle workers’ compensation renewal process upon your request to ensure the best plans and rates are obtained

Unemployment Insurance Administration

  • Appeal all EDD Notices of Unemployment Insurance Claims filed in an effort to keep the client’s unemployment rate as low as possible
  • Attend appeal hearings to present your case

Policies, Procedures, and Training

  • Provide state-mandated supervisory training on sexual harassment and discrimination
  • New hire orientations
  • Manager general HR training

Why Do Companies Outsource HR Functions?

Outsourcing HR functions is a strategic decision in managing employees, people programs, and operational efficiency. Explore the practical reasons and advantages that drive businesses to outsource HR services.

Risk Mitigation: With HR services in place, you can proactively manage potential claims and legal issues. Instead of waiting for disputes to arise, your business can leverage HR expertise to prevent common litigations and gather crucial documents for legal purposes.

Firm Foundation: Implement essential elements such as company policies, employee handbooks, new hire requirements, reporting, orientation, and training programs. These foundational components contribute to the smooth and successful operation of your business.

Manager Training: Equip your managers with fundamental HR knowledge, such as current laws, minimum wage, and salary thresholds. Armed with knowledge, your leaders can respond to employee inquiries, set standards, and manage reporting processes that help employees feel heard and supported.

Compliance with Labor Laws: Stay informed about labor laws, which often change and can be vague, with additional considerations for federal and state jurisdiction. An HR department can help you navigate the complexities and stay compliant.

How Much Does Outsourcing HR Cost?

The cost of outsourced HR functions can vary depending on a business’s needs and requirements and the additional outsourced services it secures.

While costs may vary, there is significant value in the potential cost savings over the long term, the comprehensive support provided, and mitigating potential risks. Contact us to learn more about proactively avoiding expenses related to HR challenges, such as regulatory fees and legal costs, due to non-compliance or litigation.

Other Frequently Asked Questions — Outsourced HR Functions

How Does HR Outsourcing Work?

We develop a close partnership with you to understand your business and needs. As a seamless extension and dedicated part of your team, we manage various HR-related functions. Our HR department can keep your business legally compliant while working with you to administer various programs beneficial not only to you as the employer but also to your valued employees.

How Does Outsourced HR Help to Grow a Business?

Our outsourced HR solutions are designed for professional, accurate, and compliant management, ensuring your business can concentrate on its core functions. With our expertise and seamless integration, we help create a consistent employee experience, are proactive, and streamline operations. By helping to enhance the bottom line and employee satisfaction, our partnership contributes strategically to your business’s growth.

How Does Outsourcing HR Reduce Costs?

Streamlined HR services from our expert team allow your business to remove redundancies, create efficiencies, and realize significant potential cost savings over the long term. Risk mitigation related to non-compliance and litigation also enables your business to proactively avoid expenses associated with HR challenges.

Which HR Functions Can Be Outsourced?

We help outsource a wide range of HR services, including all fundamental functions related to employee management, benefits administration, employee records, workers’ compensation claims, unemployment insurance, policies and procedures, and training. We also offer HR consulting services, providing tailored solutions and strategic guidance to help you increase your business’s overall profitability and success.

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