SDVoyager Magazine Interview

Interview with Michelle Gonzales of FLORES.

Hi Michelle, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.

This company is a family business, founded by my dad. I started working here as a young teenager, helping him out on the weekends and then eventually working with the restaurant division as I completed college. I never thought FLORES or taking over the family business would be my place but as I explored other options I was always pulled back to this team. I loved what my dad was building, the customers were amazing and the team was genuinely great people. I eventually decided to come back to FLORES full time and grow my career and the family business alongside my dad. Fast forward 18 years later and I can proudly say I am so grateful for what we have become, the team, the customers and the business are flourishing.

What is also great about our team is the true sense of family. We started small, only 8 employees and now are over 85 but through it all we have remained true to our roots of a family business and treating each team member and customer like family….with loyalty and respect! Such important values to me, especially now as I am raising my own family with little future FLORES team members! My son is now 9 and my daughter is 7, they alongside my husband of 11 years are my whole world!


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