In the second part of this FLORES Solutions episode, FLORES COO/VP Michelle Flores-Gonzales and Director of HR Clients Service Mia Arnesano discuss HR trends employers should keep on their radar as they begin workforce planning.

In the segment, Michelle and Mia share scenarios and trends your business may experience, such as:

  • How to stay compliant with new HR regulations
  • How to positively integrate AI and technology into your business
  • How to focus on your employees’ wellbeing

View the entire conversation and contact our team anytime to learn more and get tips about preparing.

Audio Transcript

Michelle Flores-Gonzales (00:05):

What are some key points coming in 2024 that our clients should keep on their radar?

Mia Arnesano (00:10):

All right, so there are a lot, as Michelle stated, thank you for that. And I have my handy dandy note over here so that I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything. For all of you people wanting to know how to stay compliant, how to be on top of things, basically being proactive and not reactive. Being reactive only causes us to create more frustration like exhaustion, which we do not want. So one, can a accommodation tester sue a business they never plan to visit? So that’s a question that you should ask yourself. You want to know more? Let us know. Number two, an employee claims that they were forced to accept a federal transfer or lateral transfer, rather, based on gender bias. Will your action be unlawful? Number three, as we all know, laws are not always crystal clear, right? And do not typically cover every situation that could arise.

So will there be a limit on federal agency’s regulatory power? Do we now have some power, do we not? So find out more on that Now. Number four, embrace automation or ai. I’m sure this is not new in your hearing and everything, everyone knows what AI is, the artificial intelligence and it taking the world by storm, right? And next thing you know, it’s like robots. How do you handle that? And the ever on the human side of things and the human resources, payroll and so on and so forth, how do you navigate by utilizing that positively to its benefit when it comes to technology and focus on employee wellbeing? Exactly. A big thing that people do not realize. What does that actually mean? And this will require designing and implementing comprehensive programs that will work well for your employees because at the same time, your workforce is your biggest asset, right?

So how can you continue to develop that? And next is continuous learning with the help of technology. As I mentioned earlier, AI takes a world by storm, but how can we use that positively? It’s through continuous learning with the help of technology and creating platforms and the integration. And lastly, well, not really lastly, but one thing that to keep track of for the HR 2024 trend is predictive analytics. And what does that mean to help with talent acquisition, workforce planning, compliance, strategic planning and budget when it comes to your workforce. So definitely you should be in the lookout for all of those HR trends. If you want to know more in regards to what I’ve listed down to you, you can call us here at Flores and we’ll be happy to give you more information and help you on that. Michelle.

Michelle Flores-Gonzales (02:51):

Thank you Mia. Mia gave us quite the rundown. As you know, there is a plethora of HR topics coming your way, and the best approach is to be prepared. So if you’d like help in your HR strategy, please give Flos a call today and we’d be happy to assist.