Yessika Collins, Team Member Spotlight

Yessika Collins’s wide-ranging accounting career has spanned over twenty years. Born and raised in Mexico City, she studied accounting at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico before pursuing an MBA with an orientation in Finance at the Universidad Del Valle de Mexico. Yessika then worked for a diverse mix of public and private companies, including an American firm in Mexico City, where she served as Finance Operations Manager. Upon moving to San Diego with her husband and family in 2017, she attended an English school, where she was recommended to meet with a recruiter. This new chapter brought Yessika to FLORES. 

Yessika was impressed by FLORES from her first interview with Sarina, Allison, and Michelle. She says she was excited to see a successful company run by empowering women. Now a treasured employee, Yessika enjoys FLORES’s flexibility with associates, and believes that the company has shown its real strength during the pandemic. 

In her free time, Yessika loves to read novels and history books, try new foods, and stay active. Since picking up running in 2016, she has run several half-marathons, and aspires to someday complete a full marathon. Yessika is also deeply devoted to her family, which includes her husband, Daniel, son, Emilio, and two daughters, Mariana and Emma. Together, they enjoy watching movies, travelling, and experiencing new cultures. Next month, the Collins family plans to visit San Francisco for the first time. 

Yessika’s closest friends are dispersed around North America, in Dallas, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. Though they are not able to see each other frequently, Yessika takes comfort in knowing they are always there for each other. Also among her closest confidantes are Yessika’s mom and younger sistershe says they encourage her to pursue new opportunities and adventures. 

Professionally, Yessika feels great when she provides excellent customer service, and knows that her customers are going to be satisfied. She lives by the golden rule“Treat others as you would like to be treated”—and hopes to continue growing and developing herself as part of the FLORES family.