What if my employee exhibits signs of, or screens with a fever of 100.4 Fahrenheit or above, do I have to pay reporting time upon testing?

If the employee is sent home upon testing or because they are sick, the employee is entitled to available paid sick leave in accordance with state and local paid ordinances.

Generally, if an employee reports for their regularly scheduled shift but is required to work fewer hours or is sent home, the employee must be compensated for at least two hours, or no more than four hours, of reporting time pay.

  • For example, a worker who reports to work for an eight-hour shift and only works for one hour must receive four hours of pay, one for the hour worked and three as reporting time pay so that the worker receives pay for at least half of the expected eight-hour shift.

Per the Labor Commissioner’s Office reporting time pay does apply under a state of emergency unless the state of emergency includes a recommendation to cease operations. In other words, if the business continues to operate, reporting time applies per usual.