Craft Beer Tap Takeovers Help Boost Sales

Craft Beer Tap Takeovers Help Boost Sales

Many restaurants have been looking to breweries to create a versatile dining experience. We have seen a proliferation of micro-breweries sprouting up. The market for craft beer can lead to healthy margins when utilized in a restaurant setting.

The craft beer tap takeover can be a small brewery coming into a restaurant with a few taps for a specific period of time. It can also as simple as a restaurant dedicating a few taps to a small brewery on a given night. These takeovers paired with a seasonal menu for a special event can keep customers captivated.

Many small breweries are trying to expand their market presence and open new distribution networks. This leaves them extremely open to getting into new taps, some may come in at below cost. Conversely, restaurants benefit from savings, new clientele, and diversity in their establishments.

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