Small Plates Trend Helps to Reduce Food Costs

Small Plates Trend Helps to Reduce Food Costs

Small plates have had an emergence on the tables of many restaurants in the last few years. Creative vessels like ramekins and mini crockpots have been an interesting way to present food. The look isn’t everything, however. These vessels have proven an invaluable asset for chefs and back-of-house crews.

Small plates can be an excellent way to control some food costs. A small crock pot or ramekin can be used as a measuring tool. The amount of product going out is uniform, giving chefs more control of their costs.

Smaller serving vessels can also save time for the back of the house. Pre-plating a whole batch for a large party can prove to be an efficient way to get product onto the table. Depending on the ambiance of a restaurant, using small vessels can help with food costs but can also help restaurateurs break away from the norm. To learn more about lowering your food costs, contact a Flores representative.

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