Four Factors Businesses Need HR Services


By Mia Reedy, Director fo HR & Client Services, Flores 

Hello, the common question I usually get with a lot of small or even large corporations is why do I need HR? I’m here to explain to you the four important factors in regards to why you need HR.


1. Help You Avoid Unnecessary Claims 


Number one, why wait for a claim or lawsuit to arise before deciding that you actually need an HR department. An HR department can help avoid common types of litigations. If a claim happens, they can help you gather the important documentation needed to provide to lawyers. 


2. Have a Firm Foundation


Number two, have the right foundations in place. You know it’s good to have a firm HR foundation. These include the company policies, the employee handbooks, the paperwork, the requirements of a new hire, reporting, orientations, and training. These are all HR foundations that will help you have a successful business operation. 


3. Train your Managers 


Number three, start at the top. Management is definitely key. We want your managers to know the basics of HR, to know what the current laws are, know what the minimum wage is, and the minimum salary threshold for an employee. So when employees ask questions, your managers know what to say. Managers are the leaders. They have to set a good example. So when harassment issues arise or claims start to arise, they know the reporting process of the company. Having that reporting process in the company creates that structure for the company and employees to know that they’re always going to be heard and employees know that they have someone to approach.


4. Become familiar with Labor Laws


Number four. You should be familiar with the laws. The laws keep changing and can be very vague. It’s always a gray area when it comes to HR laws and when a certain claim arises, you have to know where it can fall to? Does it fall under state law? Does it fall under federal law or do you have to take everything into consideration? When in doubt, always make sure that you consult with your HR department, or with an HR professional because that will help ensure to keep you in compliance.

Don’t leave HR for last. Call Flores to help you establish HR services that are right for you.