Does Restaurant Technology Create a Better Customer Experience?

Does Restaurant Technology Create a Better Customer Experience?

The National Restaurant Association recently did a study on the use of technology in restaurants and how it affects consumers. Their research was primarily focused on the use of smartphones and tablets and applications used by restaurants to pay for the bill or offer a more integrated experience.

Hudson Riehle, National Restaurant Association Senior Vice President said, “As restaurants integrate more customer-facing technology, usage among consumers is growing. When done right, it can help restaurants productivity and the customer experience.”

Among consumers that own a smartphone or a tablet, 32% said they would use a smartphone app to pay for their bill instead of the traditional debit card or cash. Although, it is important to note that a substantial number of consumers still prefer to interact with restaurant staff. It seems there is a need for a healthy balance between tech and hospitality. To see how tech options could affect your bottom line, contact your Flores representative.

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