Maximize Operations with Point of Sale Integrations

Maximize Operations with Point of Sale Integrations

A recent study has shown that without sufficient point of sale (POS) integrations, retailers and restaurants risk loss of business. The study states, “Only 45% of retailers and 44% of restaurants, on average, have a given back-end system integrated with their POS—severely restricting the functionality that frontline employees need to service customers and optimize operations.”

Point of sale has evolved from legacy systems into a platform that integrates with third-party services, showing that it goes far beyond the transaction process. Integration of your POS to a solid back-end analytic system can give you accurate labor, food, and operational costs.

The degree of involvement is up to the restaurateur and the metrics and data that can be utilized is endless. To learn more about how Flores can integrate with your point of sale to give solid operational insights, contact your Flores representative.

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