Minimum Wage Updates: July 1, 2020 – SHRM State Laws: 2020 Minimum Wage Charts

State Laws: 2020 Minimum Wage Charts

To help ensure that the minimum wage keeps pace with the rising cost of living, many states and municipalities adjust (or will adjust) their minimum wage rates annually. Others adjust their minimum wage rates periodically through legislation or ballot initiatives. We’ve compiled state minimum wage charts from a variety of trusted sources.

New State and Local Minimum Wage Increases Have Taken Effect Throughout the Country
Epstein | Jan 2020

New Year, New Minimum Rates: State-by-State Minimum Wage Updates for 2020
Ogletree | Dec 2019

Minimum Wage, Tipped and Exempt Employee Pay in 2020: A Rates-Only Update
Littler | Nov 2019

Minimum Wage Tracker
Economic Policy Institute | Jan 2020

State Minimum Wage Laws
US DOL | Jan 2020


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