Finding a Software Solution to Measure Restaurant Performance

Finding a Software Solution to Measure Restaurant Performance

A recent industry report on restaurant technology surveyed hundreds of restaurateurs to determine what kinds of technology they are utilizing and how it is beneficial to them. Management’s ability to have their finger on the pulse of their restaurant’s performance is key. Many restaurateurs are utilizing POS technology to help them analyze sales and other metrics more closely.

According to this particular survey, 48% percent of owners and management are looking at metrics every day and 23% are looking at data every week. There are many important metrics to consider when analyzing your data. Restaurant sales, food and labor costs, as well as overtime usage should all be monitored closely. Having a good idea of where these numbers fall is key in running a smart, data driven business.

Flores uses a powerful software solution called CTUIT. It gives our clients daily financial data and metrics. To learn more about metrics and the Flores Financial partnership with CTUIT, contact your Flores representative

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