IRS warns- Scams are surging in the summer.


By Martha Waggoner

July 24, 2023


Summertime, and the scamming is surging.

That is according to the IRS, which issued a warning Friday for taxpayers to be wary of offers promising tax refunds or to “fix” tax problems. Many of these offers center on promises of a third round of economic impact payments. The IRS said it was receiving hundreds of complaints daily — and thousands since the July 4 holiday — at its email account.

The economic impact payment scam includes an embedded URL that takes people to a phishing website to steal their personal information, the IRS said, adding that the third round of payments occurred over two years ago.

The scam, which has been around since 2021, has changed over time to trick people, the IRS said.

Remember: The IRS never initiates contact with taxpayers by email, text, or social media regarding a bill or tax refund.

“The IRS is seeing a wave of these summer scams relentlessly pounding taxpayers,” IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said in a statement. “People are being flooded with these email and text messages, but we want them to avoid getting swept up in these terrible scams. Taxpayers should be wary; remember, don’t click on links from questionable sources.”

The IRS also has received reports about emails urging people to “Claim your tax refund online” and text messages that the person’s tax return was “banned” by the IRS. Spelling errors and awkward phrasing are one sign that these emails are a scam.


To see a list of the most recent wave of tax scams, read the full article here –


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