Hiring The Right Consultant

Hiring the right consultant can be key to help your business achieve desired results. These are our top three points to make sure that you get the right firm hired and make your collaboration as effective as possible.


1. Prepare a Clear Summary

When you first meet your potential consulting partner, be very clear about your business objectives, timeframes and desired outcomes. Tell them everything they need to know about your business and the challenges that you’re facing — and then some. Do not leave out the details you consider insignificant as they might offer the consultant deeper insights into the problem that help them solve it more efficiently.


2. Set a Budget Upfront

Communicate your budget requirements and expectations upfront. With the budget guidance, your consultant will offer you a concise plan that will get you to your desired outcome in the most efficient way, while staying within the budget you have. It will also save you the time you would otherwise spend talking to the wrong consultants.


3. Expect Your Consultant to be a True Partner

Working with a consulting firm is not a one-way street. Do not expect that your consultant will hit the ground running following your summary and will come back to you when the project is over. It’s a process of collaboration where both parties are taking an active role. your consultant should be an extension of your team. They need to get into the weeds with you and get integrated within your team. That’s the only way they can get a deep understanding of the challenges you’re facing and, ultimately, identify the best solution.


We strongly feel these tips can help you choose a consulting firm that fits your needs. FLORES specializes in business consulting and would be happy to partner with you to achieve success. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, give us a call today at (619) 588-2411.