Don’t let Ghosting haunt your workplace!



Is ghosting becoming a spooky trend in your workplace? We understand the challenges it poses, which is why we’re excited to share with you our latest resource: FLORES Solutions- Ghosting in the Workplace, brought to you by Michelle Flores-Gonzales, COO and Mia Arnesano, Chief of Human Resources Client Services.

In this informative video, we delve into effective strategies to prevent ghosting among your employees. From emphasizing the importance of documentation to ensuring compliance with regulatory laws during disciplinary actions, we’ve got you covered.

But that’s not all. Should you find yourself in a sticky situation, our dedicated Business Development Team is here to offer expert advice and tailored solutions to help safeguard your business from liabilities.

Don’t let ghosting haunt your workplace. Take proactive steps today to foster a positive work environment and maintain employee engagement.

Watch now and equip yourself with the tools you need to prevent workplace ghosting.


If you have any questions or need help understanding how this may affect your business, give FLORES a call. Our Team would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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