Importance of Going Green and Food Sustainability

Importance of Going Green and Food Sustainability

As we all know, the West Coast is in one of the worst droughts in the last 165 years. Many restaurants are feeling the pinch, especially the farm-to-table varieties. Many eateries are facing the problem of becoming more eco-friendly and conserving water.

Some in the industry have stopped serving water or refilling glasses unless a guest asks. This may sound trivial. However, if you ask California farmers, you may get another opinion. In California, some farmers are bulldozing their crops knowing they will most likely be ruined.

As produce and other commodities become more expensive due to the drought, many restaurants may find themselves sourcing local ingredients and considering whether they should raise menu prices.

Budgeting and proper cost management will be imperative in the months and years to come, considering we follow the same trend. For more insight on how to stay sustainable, contact your Flores representative.

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