Erica Clodig, Team Member Spotlight

Erica Clodig lived out of a trailer parked at a series of horse shows, before settling in Fallbrook, CA. She studied about a dozen extremely varied majors in college before settling into archaeology for several years. She still keeps up with industry news and longs to roam the desert in search of artifacts. After work, Erica tends to her collection of incomplete crafts, and thinks about how she should complete any one of her many writing projects, instead of procrastinating! Erica lives to procrastinate and if can find the time to procrastinate on a boat in the middle of the ocean, all the better.

Her first job was with the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park where she photographed cheetahs, a colony of very sassy lorikeets, and hordes of unwilling tourists. After a brief stint developing new and exciting holiday themed allergies at Bath & Body Works, Erica moved on to Valley View Casino where she fell in love with the hospitality industry and developed an interest in accounting. FLORES’ own Amanda encouraged Erica to go to school for accounting and referred her to FLORES after graduation.

Now Erica is an AAI for Cohn Restaurant Group, a perfect fit for her hospitality experience and borderline unhealthy preference for unpredictability in her work – no accounting scenario could be as anxiety-inducing as an escaped rhinoceros. “I love our #FLORESFamily, and the opportunity to be slightly over dramatic during the holidays.” – Erica Clodig

Erica lives at home with her parents, four dogs, four cats, a horse, and a flock of chickens. She hopes to see her family grow in the future… to include more birds