FLORES All Star of the Month Tracy Erni

Tracy has worked with many clients during her 16 years at FLORES… yes 16 YEARS! She is a senior member of the payroll team as she handles the payroll for Lolita’s and Il Fornaio which is just over 1400 employees combined currently. To know Tracy is to love her. Her excellent customer service and work ethic are some of the many valuable strengths that she brings to the company. She strives day in and day out to uphold all the FLORES Core Values and exemplifies our Platinum Service Promise. – Jessica Cagle (HR Manager)

Skill without effort doesn’t get you anywhere. The same goes for effort without skill. Thankfully, though, Tracy is enormously talented and always puts in the absolute maximum effort and positive attitude to achieve not only her personal goals but FLORES’ goals as a whole. Our success comes down to her expertise, her amazing attitude and the utmost care she has for FLORES is impeccable. Tracy is indeed a rare find and there is no need for me to say, “keep up the good work,” because I know that Tracy always will. It is indeed such a privilege, blessing and an honor to work with Tracy. – Mia Arnesano (HR Director)


Congratulations Tracy!

At FLORES, we believe in team empowerment and appreciation.  Each month, our team nominates their peers for the “All-Star of the Month”.

The winner of All-Star of the Month enjoys a month of “All-Star” priority employee parking and a gift card!