FLORES All-Star of the Month Connor McCormack (June)

All-Star Of The Month: Connor McCormack

Why Connor?

Connor’s managers all agree he should be rewarded as All-Star for the month of June! He makes a huge impact on our FLORES team and really helped us all get through the toughest weeks of the pandemic. His positive attitude and willingness to help truly demonstrated how dedicated he is to being a part of the team and making sure we serviced our clients to the best of our abilities.

What His Colleagues Have To Say:

“I absolutely must nominate Connor…no questions asked! LOL! He has really pulled it together through this whole pandemic!”

“Connor stepped up significantly during the closures crisis! He stepped right into the work with no hesitation, taking on new roles, and assignments without complaint. We could not have gotten through it without his help and positivity.”

Congrats Connor!


At Flores, we believe in team empowerment and appreciation.  Each month, our team nominates their peers for the “All-Star of the Month”.

The winner of All-Star of the Month enjoys a month of “All-Star” priority employee parking, a gift card, and lunch with managers!