Employee Spotlight: Gabby Lopez-Robles

Meet Gabby Lopez-Robles

Gabby is the office coordinator at Flores. She was born and raised in the beautiful state of California and has an older sister named Karla. Her and Karla are the best of friends. Their parents are originally from Sonora and Guadalajara and made the move to San Diego when they were young.

She loves her city and has been an “East County Girl” since the age of five. Gabby and her friends often joke about her being “Ms. Santee” since she does everything she can to be involved in her community. She always knows the latest local news updates. After graduating high school, Gabby worked for an insurance firm full time while also attending beauty school. The beauty industry was fun; however, Gabby realized it wasn’t where she was supposed to be. She enjoyed the office and administrative setting more. This is where her interest in assisting executives originated from. 

Gabby began working for Flores in March of 2017. She was previously at a CPA firm in La Jolla. Her first days at Flores were spent transitioning to her new day-to-day responsibilities and getting to know her co-workers. Flores is Gabby’s home away from home. She loves working with the team, and enjoys the connection she has with her co-workers and clients who come into the office. Gabby states, “My days are never complete without Greg or Michelle giving me a new task or challenge, Andrew Murphy asking for chocolate, or my side kick Monique Montes making me laugh. Work does not have to be boring!” 

Together, Gabby and Michelle review the yearly events for the company, and each year it gets better. Gabby said, “The staff works hard every day to provide good customer service to our clients and Flores likes to celebrate that. One of the annual traditions we do each year is “Adopt a Family” during the holiday season. We partner up with Cameron YMCA of Santee and pick one or two families that need a special holiday season. My family is fortunate and very blessed to have a Christmas each year, so we pay it forward to those in need. The outcome of this event is overwhelming. To see the endless gifts and pictures from the families brings joy to my life! Flores provides us with a work/life balance, and we appreciate that very much!”

Outside of work, Gabby and her significant other, Phillip, have two children, Angie and Sherri-Leigh. Angie is 17 years old. She recently graduated high school and will be starting college this fall. Sherri-Leigh is six, loves gymnastics, and will be entering the second grade. Phillip is an attorney in the US Air Force. 

Employee Spotlight: Gabby Lopez-Robles San Diego Accounting Services

Gabby’s best childhood memories include spending her summers in Tijuana with her cousins at Abuelito and Abuelita’s “big, loving home”. Gabby’s memory is filled with images of her grandpa singing his heart away on the guitar, and the aromas of her grandma’s delicious cooking. 

In her free time, Gabby enjoys volunteering and taking photos. She captures pictures of the sunset and 5k races, such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer & Race for Autism. She regularly volunteers for the  Santee Santas Foundation, Rady’s Children Ronald McDonald House, Father Joe’s Village, and Chelsea’s Light Foundation.

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