Employee Spotlight- Agatha Marcos #5

Agatha Marcos- Human Resources Payroll Associate I

Agatha was born and raised in Brazil but moved to San Diego when she was twelve years old. Since then, she’s attended La Jolla High and San Diego State where she graduated with degree in Business Administration. Agatha has a twin sister who she loves to share everything with. Together they adopted a dog (named Amy) about two years ago, and it has brought them even closer. She likes to take her dog to the park to read a book or have a little picnic with her sister and friends. Agatha also loves to go out to restaurants and bars with friends and family on weekends and days off.

Right after high school Agatha started working in the insurance industry. While studying Business Administration at San Diego State, she took a couple of HR courses and was interested in it but stayed in the insurance industry until spring of 2023, when she decided to apply as an HR/Payroll Associate at FLORES. Agatha is currently an HRPA I and loves the family and teamwork aspect, it’s one of the reasons why she was very interested in working here. She feels it is completely different from the insurance industry where she was constantly competing against her coworkers for sales.

“Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen.” By Roy T. Benett

Agatha likes this quote because it reminds her that she is in control/charge of her life and if she wants something, she has to work for it. It’s up to her to be better, she has to put in the work/effort, no one is going to do it for her and it’s not just magically going to happen. Agatha feels accomplished when she can cross out all of the items on her to do list and see what she has completed each day and at the end of the week.