Employee Spotlight-Susan Stombaugh #4

Susan was born and raised in beautiful, San Diego, CA. She went to the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Mesa College, and USD. She was originally studying Chemistry (because of all the numbers and formulas) and then she found Accounting, and that was it!

At the beginning of her career, Susan started off as an Operations Manager at Sea World in San Diego. She gained some experience with scheduling and payroll there, but always knew that she was a numbers person. She began working for different companies in accounting and developed her experience and knowledge.

Here at FLORES, Susan is an Accounting Associate 2. One of her favorite aspects of FLORES is the commitment to family. She has truly felt welcomed as a member of the team and wants everyone who joins us to feel the same thing. Susan has a smile on her face every time she walks through the door to come to work, and she thinks that is something unique and special.

Susan has a house in Lakeside with her husband and daughter. They all enjoy performing musically. Her daughter performs in musicals locally and is also one of the head bartenders at Corvette Diner in Liberty Station. Susan’s husband is in 4 different bands and that’s not counting the project they work on together. For this past Christmas, she and her husband went to Cancun and saw the pyramids at Chichen-Itza and had an incredible experience. Susan considers her 3 sisters her closest friends, even though they are spread out across the country. They try to get together at their mom’s in San Diego every other year.

Susan enjoys watching live music and finding new music that she hasn’t heard before. She likes taking road trips and going camping with friends every summer.

When it comes to getting things done, Susan executes tasks by making lists. Crossing things off a list is very satisfying to her, so she tries to cross things off every day. Susan wants to continue to learn and grow at FLORES, so she is interested in taking the Emerging Leaders course this year and seeing how she can develop herself.