Employee Spotlight-Brandi Turk #3

Brandi grew up in East County (mainly El Cajon) but moved to Bremerton, WA when she was 9 and lived there for ~1 ½ years before moving back to California. She moved around a lot, but her family finally settled in Tierrasanta (in military housing) when she was 13 and stayed there until she was 18. When they were transferred to Corpus Christi, TX, she moved in with her nana, and finished high school while working her first job at Golden Acorn Casino. She has always worked customer service jobs, because she likes interacting with people, but it also allowed her to be there for her kids when they were younger (back-to-school nights or the book fair).

Brandi found FLORES while she was looking for a new job. Abby put in a good word for her, and the rest is history. She is an Accounting Associate I, but started out as a JA and progressed faster than she had anticipated considering she had no accounting background. Just when she thinks she has learned everything in her position, she always learns something new. She believes you are never too old to learn something new. Brandi tries to take on one task at a time, but the mom in her can’t help but multitask. She feels accomplished when she has put all her effort into something even when it doesn’t go her way. She always tells her kids “If you give your all, I will be proud of you.”

Brandi loves photography, listening to music, hanging out at the beach to listen to the waves, and taking her kids to arcades. She is always up for adventures too, whether it’s a day trip to wander around a cute town and look at shops, or a spontaneous hike. She feels that she wouldn’t be where she is, or the person she is today without the people she chooses to surround herself with. Some are family, most are friends that became family, but they all mean a great deal to her. Brandi strongly believes in the quote: “I think the best thing I ever did in my adult life was to start digging deep and asking myself why I am the way I am and do things the way I do. It takes a ton of work and intentionality, but getting to know yourself on a deeper level will help you thrive.”