Employee Spotlight-Tracy Erni #2

Tracy was born in Hawaii, but her dad was stationed in San Diego when she was 4 yrs. old, so she grew up in Chula Vista. She was on Track & Field in JR & High School. Tracy and her hubby met at Church 31 years ago and are still madly in love. God gets all the praise for that because she can be stubborn, but Robert loves her anyways! Tracy just moved to Caldwell, ID in October of last year. San Diego is great, but it was getting a little too crowded and too fast-paced for a ‘country at heart’ folk like her. She loves it there and is so grateful that she was able to continue to work for FLORES remotely – what a blessing!

Tracy likes being outdoors: FISHING, hiking, that sort of thing. And visiting her family in Sacramento. But really, just anything that involves being with the people she loves. Tracy is happiest when she is helping others, whether in doing a task, sharing a kind word, or lending a listening ear. She feels the most joy when she can bring a little bit of Light into a dark world.

Tracy worked at McDonald’s right out of high school and when they wanted to promote her to manager, she realized it was time to get serious about a long-range career. So, she got a certificate in Accounting/Bookkeeping at ABC College back around 1985. She worked for a handful of private companies over the years as a full-charge bookkeeper until her employer at that time closed his business, which led her to FLORES, and she’s been here ever since – 16 years! And she loves it! Tracy has worked in the Accounting, tax, and payroll departments over the years. She is currently an HR/Payroll Associate II. She considers herself so blessed to work with such great people. She whole-heartedly feels Greg & Michelle are so good to the staff and truly care about us as individuals and understand the importance of family. She hopes they let her hang around for many more years.

Tracy and her hubby are still navigating their neighborhood and constantly finding new and wonderful areas to explore. It’s important to them to be part of a local community of people who love Jesus like they do. They were surprised to see so many churches and different denominations here, so they are hoping to find their new church home soon. Tracy is hoping to attend the annual party on February 4 and her sister will be coming to Idaho for a one-week visit in early April – so she’s very excited about that!

“All around you are people whose lives are filled with trouble and sorrow, and they need your compassion and encouragement.” -Billy Graham
This quote reminds Tracy that the people around her are just like her – just wanting a little kindness and compassion! And that’s something she has the privilege and ability to give.