Employee Spotlight-Taylor Arellano #10

Taylor Arellano, IT Consultant

Taylor grew up in Revere, right outside of Boston, MA with his mom, dad, and sister. He went to Revere High School and then got a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Salem State University.

Taylor started his career mostly working in startups. This really gave him the ability to get experience quickly since they are a sink or swim environment. It was very rewarding as it allowed him to really see his impact on the company. His official title here at FLORES is IT Consultant, but he helps in various areas outside of IT. One of his favorite things is getting to work with different colleagues and clients on projects.

Outside of his family, Taylor has a great group of friends. Many of these friends he has known for 15+ years. They really are like family at this point. They are always planning trips to see each other since many of them have moved from their hometown of Boston.

Taylor loves to travel, see new places, and experience different cultures. It gives him a refreshed feeling. He’d love to travel more in the coming years and get to see different parts of the world. Taylor enjoys hanging with friends in his time off and maybe grabbing some food at a cool restaurant or hitting the beach.

Taylor doesn’t have a favorite quote off the top of his head, but a book he recently enjoyed was The Creative Act by Rick Ruben. The stories in the book are so interesting and the author really has a way of letting life guide him instead of the other way around. Taylor feels that as a person who is not super creative it is interesting to understand how creatives think.