571-L Form For Business Property Statement

571-L Form Business Property Statement

California law prescribes a yearly ad valorem tax based on property as it exists at 12:01 a.m. on January 1 (tax lien date). This form
constitutes an official request that you declare all assessable business property situated in this county which you owned, claimed,

possessed, controlled, or managed on the tax lien date, and that you sign (under penalty of perjury) and return the statement to the
Assessor’s Office by the date cited on the face of the form as required by law. Failure to file the statement during the time provided in
section 441 of the Revenue and Taxation Code will compel the Assessor to estimate the value of your property from other information in
the Assessor’s possession and add a penalty of 10 percent of the assessed value as required by section 463 of the Code.
If you own taxable personal property in any other county whose aggregate cost is $100,000 or more for any assessment year, you must
file a property statement with the Assessor of that county whether or not you are requested to do so. Any person not otherwise required
to file a statement shall do so upon request of the Assessor regardless of aggregate cost of property. The Assessor of the county will
supply you with a form upon request.


Except for the “DECLARATION BY ASSESSEE” section, you may furnish attachments in lieu of entering the
information on this property statement. However, such attachments must contain all the information requested by the
statement and these instructions. The attachments must be in a format acceptable to the Assessor, and the property statement must
contain appropriate references to the attachments and must be properly signed. In all instances, you must return the original

For more information on the purpose of this form, who must file it, and when to file, read the full article here – 571Linst.pdf (sdarcc.gov)


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