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Greg was recruited to the company in 1995 to the position of Vice President for Mr. Allen Lowell at Lowell Business Services. He worked alongside Mr. Lowell for seven years and when Mr. Lowell retired in 2002, Greg became the new Owner and President of the company, renaming the firm, Flores Financial Services.

Greg comes from a strong financial services and sales background having worked retail in his youth and later moving into the industry of banking. He attended UCSD where he studied both economics and management science before entering the world of business.

Post-college, Greg entered what was to become a 15-year career in banking, including employment at First Interstate Bank of Nevada, People’s Bank of California, and North County Bank of San Diego. Prior to his employment at Lowell Business Services and the later establishment of Flores Financial, Greg was the Vice President and Manager of Cuyamaca Bank.

Since becoming President of Flores Financial Services, Greg has expanded the company to include a human resources department, a financial consulting department, and a staff of over 90 bookkeeping professionals, all providing sound financial services for their valued clients. Greg works hard to keep a genuine focus on his clients by involving himself in community relations relevant to the services and interests of their business operations.

He is a member of the California Restaurant Association as well as an executive board member for the East County YMCA. If you have any questions for Greg please contact him at

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