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FLORES Insights San Diego Accounting Services
FLORES Insights San Diego Accounting Services

Transforming The Way Your Business Manages Purchases

Flores Insights is a full-service package powered by the trusted Plate IQ software and backed by our team of restaurant accounting experts. As part of our value commitment to our clients Flores has partnered with Plate IQ to enhance our accounting services platform and bring our clients the best tools available in the industry. We host the software for you and provide back-end support, like coding and ensuring data input is accurate. By storing and managing your data, we’re able to pass on insights and recommendations to help your business in real time.

Flores Insights gives you an advantage by giving you real-time pricing information at your fingertips, including whether your competitors are getting better rates with your suppliers. The full-service package also contains information about your vendors, every ingredient and quantity (which you can split across the different elements of your business such as 50% bar, 50% kitchen) and menu item. You can access spend reports, create recipe costing cards, and analyze down to the penny prices changes on items all through the Flores Insights portal.

Efficient and Effective Way Of Invoice Management

  • Saves time and money
  • Provides immediate access to any invoice at any time
  • Delivers immediate cost analysis
  • Improves visibility into item detail spend
  • Enhances cash flow management
  • Reduces processing time with digital approvals
  • Allows for invoice tracking anytime throughout the approval process
  • Improves coding accuracy

Simplifies The Accounting Process To Ensure Accuracy

  • Line item invoice detail intelligence
  • Vendor records management
  • AP analytics
  • Multi-location spend analysis
  • Process all invoices, expensing them to proper accounts
  • Perform weekly payment selections and review with client as needed
  • Perform weekly AP check runs and handle check mailings
  • Handle all recurring payments and reconcile with general ledger
  • Handle all vendor inquiries
  • Ability to build recipes with real-time purchase cost data
  • Digitized statement rendering
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