FLORES All Star of the Month Abby Lemoine

Abby is a clear choice for All Star. She never hesitates to jump in and help wherever needed and with whatever is needed. Despite having numerous setbacks in her training due to COVID, ups and downs with clients and having to step in to help with extra clients, she has excelled in her training as an A2 and always puts the FLORES Core Values at the forefront in everything she does. She has a positive attitude, is always communicative not only with management but with her fellow team members as well and willing to step up to any challenge put in front of her.

Thank you Abby for everything you do to make FLORES great!

At FLORES, we believe in team empowerment and appreciation.  Each month, our team nominates their peers for the “All-Star of the Month”.

The winner of All-Star of the Month enjoys a month of “All-Star” priority employee parking and a gift card!