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Accounting Services San Diego Accounting Services

Strong Financials are key to operating successfully and we have the tools and expertise to help you get there.

We provide a full suite of accounting services. From Accounts Payable to CFO consulting, FFS has the ability to become your full resource accounting department.

Accounts Payable

  • Process all invoices, expensing to proper GL accounts
  • Perform weekly payment selections, cut checks, and handle mailings
  • Handle vendor inquiries and provide a paperless invoice platform
  • Maintain and produce all 1099s

Sales & Budgeting

  • Input sales reports from POS system to MAS100 ERP general ledger
  • Reconcile all cash, check, and credit card payments
  • Update sales daily to FFS Flash Reporting via FFS Online Services
  • Audit, complete, and process all sales tax prepayments and quarterly returns

Financial Statements & Customized Reporting

  • Produce accurate, timely, and customized financial statements each period, in order to allow the client an opportunity to thoroughly understand their numbers and profitability
  • Complete bank reconciliation each period
  • Review financial statements and provide feedback to client on areas of improvement or hidden profit potential

CFO Services & Consulting

  • Assist in creating and maintaining annual budgets
  • Customize budgets to report within financial statements
  • Create pro formas for future potential business investors
  • Act as CFO at board meetings
  • Manage cash control, assist in monetary decisions for expenditures
  • Perform financial procedure audits and training

Technology Partners & Online Services

Accounting Services San Diego Accounting Services
  • Flores Financial has partnered with Compeat to bring our clients the best, instantaneous, and accurate reporting software available in today’s market
  • Real-time access to Internet-based software that gives you instant access to timely business information to make decisions now
  • Flores invoice insights, full, online access to invoice images; comparative analytics across vendors
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