FLORES All Star of the Month Lucero Calderon (August)

Why Lucero?

We strongly agree with the team’s nomination of Lucero for FLORES All Star. She is dedicated and driven to service both the customers and her fellow FLORES team. Her personality is very positive and she is always willing to help her co-workers. Lucero is a results-driven team member. She likes to learn and has the drive to continue to grow which is what makes her a great candidate for All Star. Keep up the great work, Lucero!


What her team members have to say:

“I nominate Lucero because she is very nice and always willing to help out. Lucero deserves this because she is a very hard worker.”

“I nominate Lucero because she is such a hard worker and is always so sweet. She goes above and beyond and is so helpful to her fellow team.”


Congratulations Lucero!

At FLORES, we believe in team empowerment and appreciation.  Each month, our team nominates their peers for the “All-Star of the Month”.

The winner of All-Star of the Month enjoys a month of “All-Star” priority employee parking, a gift card, and lunch with managers!