Employee Spotlight: Tracy Erni

Meet Tracy Erni, Payroll Specialist & HR Assistant

Tracy was born in Hawaii, while her father was in the Navy, and lived there until she was four years. After that, her family moved to Chula Vista and she has been there ever since. 

Early on in her career, Tracy worked for a handful of small businesses as a full-charge bookkeeper before landing a job at a photo lab where she was an FC bookkeeper and office manager for 13 years. The owner of the photo lab retired and closed the business, that is when she found a position at Flores. 

Tracy started out doing payroll for one of Flores’ biggest client, then moved to the payroll tax department. When it was decided to merge payroll and Human Resources she moved to that department to help it get established. Tracy is now a Payroll Specialist, handling Payroll and HR for about ten clients. She has been with the company for more than14 years. She appreciates and is grateful for their family-focused and integrity-based values at Flores. “Flores stays cutting-edge with technology but never forgets that it’s their staff that helps maintain their success as the leading Hospitality Accounting firm in Southern California.” says Tracy.  

“Flores keep things ‘light’ by hosting Padre nights, year-end parties, bowling and many more employee-focused events.  I really feel appreciated and valued here!” she added.

Employee Spotlight: Tracy Erni San Diego Accounting Services

When she is not working, Tracy enjoys volunteering at her church with her husband of 26 years. The two of them also enjoy the outdoors, especially fishing. Tracy says, “My faith, my family and music permeate my life.” Helping and serving others is what is most fulfilling to Tracy and she is grateful she has the opportunity to give back to the community.

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