Employee Spotlight-Ksinya Lopez #12

Ksinya grew up in Southern Michigan in a little town (almost a village) called Dowagiac. She studied Business and Accounting at Southwestern Michigan College, then moved to San Diego in 2015 to live near her boyfriend (now husband) who has lived here all his life. her free time is spent either being with her little boy and my husband, drawing & writing stories, or playing videogames with her husband (which is how they met!). Math is Ksinya’s strongest subject, next to Art, and she had planned on pursuing Programming and Game Design but opted for Accounting instead. After Covid hit, she needed to change careers and found FLORES to be the perfect place! Ksinya has been here 2 years and recently was promoted to an Accounting Associate II. She deeply appreciates the value of Family here at FLORES and has already made some great friends. She is grateful for how much she’s learned here and is looking forward to a long future with FLORES. As mentioned before, Ksinya’s family consists of her and her husband, their little boy Lucas, and now baby #2 on the way! If they aren’t indoors working on creative endeavors or playing video games, they’re outside hiking and enjoying nature. They enjoy the outdoors so much, while Ksinya was 5 months pregnant with my son, her family went up to Mammoth Mountain for some hiking. When hiking, like beating a tough game or completing a large task at work, she feels most accomplished putting in hard work and seeing the fruits of her efforts.