All-Star of the Month: Justine Helms

All-Star of the Month: Justine Helms

At Flores, we believe in team empowerment and appreciation.  Each month, our team nominates their peers for the “All-Star of the Month”.

The winner of All-Star of the Month enjoys a month of “All-Star” priority employee parking, a gift card and lunch with managers!


Why Justine?

Justine is a joy to work with. She is hardworking, self-reliant and always goes the extra mile to make the client happy. Justine’s customer service and diligent communication with her clients became beyond evident when management covered her emails for 2 weeks while she was out and we saw the volume and type of questions being asked of her. Justine never hesitates to jump into the mix to help get something resolved and always wants to know if there is more she can learn to help herself, her clients and Flores as a whole. We look forward to seeing Justine’s continued growth in the Flores team in the years to come and are proud to call her this months’ All-Star. 

What her colleagues have to say:

We nominate Justine Helms as All-Star! She is extremely helpful and is always willing to lend a hand even when she is busy. She is very knowledgeable and patient.

Justine is an amazing FLORES team member. She is super helpful and always willing to step up to any challenge.  I really enjoy working with her and her positive calm attitude make working with her super enjoyable. She is also very diligent and focused on her clients, always providing stellar customer service. Justine is 100% deserving of All-Star!

Congrats Justine!

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