Michelle Flores-Gonzales, MBAVice President, Director of Operations

Michelle Flores-Gonzales, MBA San Diego Accounting Services

Michelle joined Flores in 2002 as a part-time student worker. She graduated from the University of San Diego in 2006 with a B.B.A. in Business Administration and Accounting. During her undergraduate college career, Michelle was able to gain experience in public accounting via an internship with a public accounting firm.

Since joining the company full-time Michelle has assisted in the growth and development of the Flores team, adding numerous programs, team members, partners and clients to Flores. She completed her Masters in Business Administration at the University of San Diego in 2009.

She is currently heading up operations of Flores, working diligently with leaders in the industry to continue to grow Flores as quality service provider and partner for success for each and every customer. She is passionate about ensuring the Flores values of service, integrity, teamwork, accuracy and professionalism are met for both the clients and Flores team.  Michelle is married with two beautiful young children who are future Flores team members, seen running around the office often. If you have any questions for Michelle please contact her at info@floresfinancial.flywheelsites.com

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You’ve got to love our devoted bookkeeper. She simply will not allow our vendors to make errors in their favor. Linda and Sarina are top notch in HR. They win countless unemployment claims, stay on top of our employee files and write-ups, and keep our stores compliant. They offer sharp advice and are always there in a crisis situation. Lastly, Greg operates his business with the utmost integrity, vast experience, innovation, and dedication. It’s these relationships that have given us a 9-year history with Flores Financial.

Michelle Flores-Gonzales, MBA San Diego Accounting Services
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