Kelly FinkAccount Manager

Kelly Fink San Diego Accounting Services

Kelly started at Flores as an Accounting Associate in August of 2010 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of San Diego.  Since then Kelly has worked her way up in the company by first being promoted to lead trainer.  Kelly then joined the management team, becoming Training Manager and fully taking on teaching all new hires during their first 90 days.  Kelly developed in that role for several years before becoming an Accounting Manager.  Since then Kelly has worked with a variety of clients, even taking on the on-boarding process for several brand new clients.  Today Kelly continues to grow in her role as an Accounting Manager and will hit her 8 year anniversary at Flores in August of 2018.

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You’ve got to love our devoted bookkeeper. She simply will not allow our vendors to make errors in their favor. Linda and Sarina are top notch in HR. They win countless unemployment claims, stay on top of our employee files and write-ups, and keep our stores compliant. They offer sharp advice and are always there in a crisis situation. Lastly, Greg operates his business with the utmost integrity, vast experience, innovation, and dedication. It’s these relationships that have given us a 9-year history with Flores Financial.

Kelly Fink San Diego Accounting Services
Ron Cohn
President, Henry's Chula Vista & Eastlake

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