Brynn WilliamsAccount Manager

Brynn Williams San Diego Accounting Services

Brynn is a San Diego native who grew up in the Golden Hill area close to the downtown. She went to SDSU where she received her degree in Accounting with a minor in Finance. She then started at Flores in 2015 as an Accounting Associate and has since moved on to become an Accounting Manager. With some background in the hospitality industry, Brynn found a great fit at Flores where the majority of her clients are local restaurants; she enjoys helping her clients understand the intricacies of the accounting world and how it affects them. In her spare time Brynn loves to read and hang out with her fur babies.

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You’ve got to love our devoted bookkeeper. She simply will not allow our vendors to make errors in their favor. Linda and Sarina are top notch in HR. They win countless unemployment claims, stay on top of our employee files and write-ups, and keep our stores compliant. They offer sharp advice and are always there in a crisis situation. Lastly, Greg operates his business with the utmost integrity, vast experience, innovation, and dedication. It’s these relationships that have given us a 9-year history with Flores Financial.

Brynn Williams San Diego Accounting Services
Ron Cohn
President, Henry's Chula Vista & Eastlake

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